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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  May 21, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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finally by the 3/8 pole i got my spot, pulled him out. by the 1/4 pole i thought i might have had a chance. it was a little too much to make up. >> bob n.: he had dirt in his face at churchill downs. why today did he react poorly? >> i think the difference today, i was so close to the horse necessary front of me. not much was hitting him. today he broke so far back it was hitting him in the face so he reacted right away. the difference if you watched the derby, i was right behind other horses. it was hitting him on the chest not the face. today he broke so far back soon as it started hitting him he fell back. looking back he had to make up too much ground. he was so far back, had to work my way through from the back side to the 3/8 pole. i got that spot then when i pulled him out, he ran. it was a little too much to make up. >> bob n.: thank you. >> tom: you talked about all the dirt hitting his face. did you see those goggles around
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johnny v.'s neck? >> gary: he had four sets of goggles around his neck that were completely used up. he couldn't see anything through them. he didn't have any goggles around his neck after the derby. he had been back next to last early in the race. that's dialed in directly behind him. he had to take just a slight second there. nothing that cost him the race. he basically got the same trip moving out coming into the stretch that he got in the kentucky derby. he had every opportunity right here, but he was much further back today. you heard johnny velazquez say he didn't like the dirt thrown in his face. he didn't handle it as well as he did at churchill downs. most was hitting him in the chest at churchill. he came up 1/2 length short and gallant effort by the winner shackelford. >> tom: graham motion, barry irwin to his right watching. had it been 1 1/4, he might have
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gotten there. johnny velazquez' son, thought he would get there and didn't quite make it. so shackelford pulls the upset under jesus castanon, his first triple crown win. his first grade one win that paid $27.20. animal kingdom beaten a 1/2 length. no triple crown, astrology was third. jesus castanon celebrates a victory on shackelford in the preakness stakes. ♪ [ male announcer ] sometimes when the details come together the result is a masterpiece. ♪ the 2011 ram laramie longhorn. it's a work of art that's made to work. guts. glory. ram.
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the power to help you succeed. -- captions by vitac -- >> tom: aerial coverage provided by good year. everything we make inspires what we roll into yours. now it's time for our pacific life race replay. >> shackelford gets a clean break immediately at the start. you'll see animal kingdom our derby winner immediately drop back. just right here, dialed in right
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behind the 6 horse sway away. had to steady a little bit. shackelford in the perfect position. exactly where he wanted to be. >> the first quarter, only 1/5 second off the fastest in preakness history. >> gary: they slowed things down. right in this point here, they've run that first 1/4 mile. they slow it down to a 46.60 1/2 mile. that won the race for shackelford and lost the race for animal kingdom and dialed in. this is where they were in the kentucky derby. animal kingdom was about seven lengths further up. >> tom: shackelford hanging tough. flashpoint who contested the early pace begins to weaken here. as they enter the turn for home, shackelford is in a good spot. castanon has been able to slow things down. >> gary: shackelford right here is very, very relaxed. that's why i like about this horse. he has shown that he is able to
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do this in three races. he did this in the florida derby and almost held on 65-1. did it in the kentucky derby. held on until the last 1/16 mile. animal kingdom making up great ground right here. thought he was going to be the winner. johnny is trying to make a decision right here. had to tap on the brakes a little bit behind that wall of horses. now he will ease him out four wide coming into the stretch. that little bit of hesitation may have cost him the 3/4 of a length. there was nothing he could do. behind him dialed in, he'll run on to be fourth. shackelford drifts in a little bit. jesus gets him balanced again. he's got enough to hang on. >> tom: shackelford able to hold off the onrushing animal kingdom. dialed in running for that big bonus $5.5 million was the bonus at stake for dialed in. closing kick-in, as well but can't get there.
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>> gary: dialed in, he's trying to make this move right here. takes a good hit from the horse just to his outside as they entered the stretch. he's not the type of horse that can rally when he has some problems. >> tom: bob lepenta saw he could not get there. shackelford the winner. shackelford beating animal kingdom. astrology was third. the only new shooter in the top three. dialed in was fourth. mucho macho man, rarely out of the money, finishing in sixth place. norman asbjornson finishing 11th. jesus castanon celebrates a classic winner. emotions -- no consoling them. professional driver on a closed course.
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commitment to small businesses to twelve billion dollars. and we're raising billions more for local services to help hospitals expand and schools grow. investing in the places we all call home. this is the way forward. >> tom: shackelford wins the preakness. >> bob: martin o'malley is the
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governor of the state of maryland. governor, the presentation of the woodlawn vase. >> it is my great honor to pick it up and hand it over here. >> bob: at your own peril, but go ahead. >> it is my great honor to present to you on behalf of the people of maryland, the most coveted trophy of maryland sport the woodlawn vase. congratulations. >> bob: it's been assessed at $4 million. don't drop it. there you go. your horse was on the lead in the derby and couldn't hold on. as possibly the same scenario developed today, how much anxiety did you experience? >> he finished strong today. we knew he was a good horse. we had all the confidence in the world in him. >> bob: can you express the level of excitement? >> no. i would like to say hello to my
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wife and daughter who are in kentucky and couldn't be here today. >> bob: your plans for the belmont? >> we don't know yet. we'll have to see what dale romans has to say and see how the horse comes out of the race. >> bob: assuming the horse is healthy, would be very surprising to not have him entered. >> we'll have to see. that's up to dale romans. >> tom: after the conclusion of our coverage, turn to versus for highlights, insights and complete wrap-up on the post race show coming up next on versus. shackelford gets a bonus of $500,000, in addition to the $600,000 winner's share of the purse. once again, no triple crown, not since affirmed in 1978. >> gary: no triple crown. i'm looking forward to the belmont stakes. i hope shackelford comes back. animal kingdom and also the second place finisher naro is headed for the belmont stakes. >> bob: tom, in closing, today is the first day in 22 years that nbc sports has gone on the
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air without dick ebersole at the helm. he resigned this week. suffice it to say, in the history of network tv sports, only his mentor could match his impact and legacy. for those of us who were there through all or most of hess tis tenure, the loss is as personal and professional. through all the shared adventures and inevitable disagreements, ebersole was a real presence, not just in our careers, but in our lives. now, even as the show goes on, his presence is one that can never be replaced and will always be recalled with appreciation and for many of us, with gratitude. tom. >> tom: all right, bob. in my case, dick always supported me. taught me so much about modern sports television. a friend as well as a boss.
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we'll carry on in a way he will appreciate from here on. one more reminder that coming up next on versus, the preakness stakes post race show. coming up next on nbc except on the west coast nbc "nightly news." tonight at 11:30, "saturday night live" season finale with justin timberlake and lady gaga. >> shackelford. animal kingdom is coming. shackelford, animal kingdom. here's the wire. shackelford holds on to the preakness! >> tom: shackelford wins the preakness ending animal kingdom's bid for the triple crown. saturday june 11th, the belmont stakes. our coverage begins on versus 2:30 p.m. eastern and 4:30 p.m. on nbc. animal kingdom could not quite catch shackelford who wins it.
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for our entire nbc crew, this is tom hammond saying so long from pimlico. -- captions by vitac --
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this is a terrible loss for maryland state troopers. it's a terrible loss for all of us as marylanders. >> a dedicated officer and father of six killed in the line of duty. tonight, his fellow troopers are trying to track down one driver who might hold clues to
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happened. i'm craig helmer the trooper was headed south when something went wrong. troopers are looking for the motorcycle that he may have been pursuing when he crashed. >> reporter: for the 43rd time in its history, a superintendent has had to deliver that mournful statement. shaft hunter died about 2:40 a.m. >> it's a terrible loss for all of us as marylanders. >> reporter: he was passed by a motorcycle traveling at a high rate of speed and shortly after that, he was pass id by a cruiser. the cruiser struck a tractor-trailer parked on the side of the road. authorities believe the trooper
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may have been in pursuit of the motorcycle. dan truitt called him a go-getter who initiated an investigation that was still under way. >> he was an outstanding trooper who was very dedicated to his job. he was not worried about overtime or those types of things. >> reporter: now the investigation into the fatal accident that took his life continues, including a search for the motorcycle that trooper hunter may have been pursuing, a cyclist wearing a white helmet. >> we have a license plate reader just south of here. we're going to look at the data to see if we can find that motorcyclist. >> i ask for everyone's prayers for this courageous trooper's family. >> reporter: that family includes trooper hunter's six children. >> his mother said to me, if he was going to die, he died doing what he loved, being a maryland state trooper. >> a d.c. police chief says an officer who was shot three times this morning is going to be okay. the suspect is a 15-year-old. the shooting happened around
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5:00 a.m. several officers were responding to a call of a man with a gun. >> some of the officers approached the rear of the house. as they approached the rear of the house, the suspect, what has been identified as a 15-year-old male, had a second floor awning roof and ambushed the officers. the officers, i don't believe, even had time to locate the suspect. >> that suspect ran off, but officers found him hiding under a porch. the 27-year-old officer was shot in the neck, shoulder and chest. he is now recovering from surgery. we are following some breaking news here on this saturday night. right now, crews are working to restore power to much of the university of maryland's campus. a blown manhole cover knocked out power to most of the buildings at the university of maryland. campus drive was shut down for a bit. it has since reopened. no word on when power will be restored there. a dangerous situation at a local apartment complex, still
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ahead tonight, what caused an explosion inside the building? also, folks, this may be it. some predicting the rapture will happen any time now. how some washing
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investigators are looking into what caused an explosion at an apartment building for seniors in arlington. it happened around 11:30 this morning. one person was flown to a local burn center. about 100 seniors are displaced tonight. for some, it was a scary few minutes. >> what i saw was everybody running down. and we were about a foot of water and wading through. i'm afraid of water because i slip and fall. i've already got a thing on my head where i fell in my apartment. one lady was holding on to me. and the man at the desk, picked her up and carried her out. >> three apartments were heavily
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damaged. at this point, it is not known when the residents will be able to return. the end of the world was supposed to start by now. it hasn't. some people in the district had fun with it. they laid clothes to make it look like people disappeared into thin air. organizers say they are going to donate all of those clothes to charity. chuck bell, would have been a nice day to end the world, right? >> right. plenty of sunshine. clouds sneaking in. but on the whole, a gorgeous day. 80 degrees, our current temperature, a light breeze out of the north, northeast at 7 miles per hour. upper 70s to around the 80-degree mark. the exceptions are you folks along the western side of the chesapeake bay. but on the whole, a nice day. a couple of showers up in eastern and central
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pennsylvania. high pressure taking over. so the warmer, more humid air mass is coming our way. it starts to move in during the day tomorrow. as high pressure moves offshore, warm front, that's the leading edge of the warmer, more unstable air mass comes in during the day tomorrow. as it lifts on through, we may be able to kick off a few showers or thunderstorms late tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening, primarily in the shenandoah valley and up into the mountains. back to work and school on monday, a better chance for thunderstorms on monday. here's your forecast for this evening. partly cloudy, mild and dry. sun goes down at 8:19. evening temperatures in the mid to low 70s. tomorrow morning, mostly clear. not as cool. mid-60s in town and by the bay. tomorrow, clouds on the increase. more humid tomorrow. and may kick off some showers and thunderstorms tomorrow
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afternoon into tomorrow evening. some of us will miss out completely tomorrow. but the further west you go, the better your chances are. everyone should have a pretty good chance at a thunderstorm on monday. one or two could be on the strong side. and then highs near 90 for tuesday, wednesday and thursday. a little cooling trend with showers comes back on friday leading into memorial day weekend. >> thanks, my friend. thanks to you as well. we'll give you a full newscast tonight. we'll see you back at 11:00. we're going to leave you with four-legged friends out in bethesda. this is strut your mutt. how about that? we'll see you back here at 11:00.
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